Repositioning Mobility

Why AddSeat


The AddSeat creates a new level of mobility allowing you to reach places that in a normal wheelchair would be exhausting. With a footprint as small as a manual wheelchair, getting the AddSeat into an elevator or transporting it in a car is much easier.


AddSeat is created to give both the user and the family freedom to live a richer life with more independence. Following your friends and family on adventurous trips with challenging environments should not be a struggle, but a joy. 


Our AddSeat can be bought on it's own  so that you can fit it to your own Segway or in many countries it's available as a complete unit with a segway gyro.

It is designed for comfort on a durable chassis that is built to last. With the active suspension of the variable height version of the AddSeat, you ride around in first-class comfort. Our Segway wheelchair enables the user to sit higher, making a conversation with a standing person much more pleasent.


With all these benefits the AddSeat makes a perfect mobility vehicle for a more active life.



A public-private initiative co-founded by the European Parliament’s Transport and Tourism Committee, Boston Consulting Group and Via ID

AddMovement AB  Sweden   sales@addmovement.com

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