Pioneering for 14 years

Celebrating 14 years since the first AddSeat was developed by

Marit Sundin 

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Why AddSeat


The AddSeat creates a new level of mobility allowing you to reach places that in a normal wheelchair would be exhausting. With a footprint as small as a manual wheelchair, getting the AddSeat into an elevator or transporting it in a car is much easier.


AddSeat was created to give both the user and family the freedom to live a richer life with more independence. Following your friends and family on adventurous trips with challenging environments should not be a struggle, but a joy. 


Our AddSeat can be bought on its own so that you can fit it to your own Segway or in many countries it's available as a complete unit.

It is designed for comfort on a durable chassis that is built to last. With the active suspension of the variable height version of the AddSeat, you ride around in first-class comfort. Our gyro-based wheelchair enables the user to sit higher, making a conversation with a standing person much more pleasant.

AddSeat was first developed in 2010 and been in continuous production since 2012 so we have many years of experience and hundreds of satisfied customers around the world. 


With all these benefits the AddSeat makes a perfect mobility vehicle for a more active and independent life.


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Chosen by Shenzhen Hi Tech Fair for


International Award winner

A public-private initiative co-founded by the European Parliament’s Transport and Tourism Committee, Boston Consulting Group and Via ID